About Kathy Grassett

Leading Your Premier Entrepreneurial Experience After Corporate

I grew up in corporate, starting right out of college, and climbed the ladder for over 20 years. And, like so many others, I reached the point that I had had enough of that life. I wanted something on my terms. So, I jumped. 

Launching my business was the easy part. Taking it to new heights is where I got stuck. After two decades of being told what to do, how to do it, and how to look, I realized I didn’t know who the hell I was or how to function outside of the corporate bubble. Nothing I did felt genuine and, for the first time ever, I felt so unsure of myself. But with the help of a couple of wonderful business mentors, I unpacked all my corporate baggage and rediscovered the real me. Meanwhile, I realized how much my corporate upbringing was actually limiting my business growth with the beliefs and habits I brought with me.

And when I saw the same patterns in other corporate-leaders-turned-entrepreneurs, I set out to become the guide I wished I’d had from the start. So, I became a certified business coach and created a proven method to help entrepreneurs with corporate beginnings stop sabotaging themselves, explode their growth, and power them to their next level of income, so they can make a lot more money with a lot less effort. 

If you’re an entrepreneur with a corporate background and need help breaking through to reach your income goals, start with a free Money Breakthrough Discovery call below. Click the button, book your call, and you’ll get the opportunity to speak with me personally about how we can get you unstuck and quickly take your business beyond what you thought possible and into exciting new levels of higher income.

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