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When It Comes to Building a Successful Online Business After a Long Corporate Career...

Are These Common Challenges Holding You Back?


That little voice in your head tells you it’ll be too hard, too expensive, or too risky to start or grow a new business. That you’d be a complete fool for leaving the “security” of your job? Just as you get excited about the possibilities, you start to doubt yourself and your abilities. So, you’re afraid to take the first (or next) step.


You’re realizing just how difficult the shift from an employee to an entrepreneur really is, especially around mindset. And there’s so much to figure out, your head feels like it’s about to explode. You have transferable skills, but how the hell do you repackage, price, and actually sell them? It’s completely overwhelming. 


If you’re not a corporate leader anymore, who the hell are you? As you break free from the only career you’ve ever known, you’re trying to figure out who you really are as a person outside the corporate bubble, let alone what the hell you’re supposed to be doing now that you’re calling your own shots in a business. 

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Been There, Done That

Kathy Grassett, MBA, MS, CHWC, CBC

Launching a business is hard enough. Growing it can be even harder. It requires a whole new set of skills and abilities, many of which don’t come naturally to people who grew up in a corporate career first. I left a 20-year corporate career to start my business and learned this the hard way. It’s a common problem for corporate-leaders-turned-entrepreneurs, but luckily there is a guaranteed solution.

Like anything else, launching and growing a business to exciting new levels is about doing the right things, the right ways, at the right times, in a way that feels powerfully authentic for you. Guessing your way forward, which is what a lot of people do, is a recipe for stagnation and failure, but following the lead of someone who has already traveled the path is a recipe for success. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I’d love to show you the way.

The Restless Expert Business Breakthrough


My program, The Restless Expert Business Breakthrough, is especially designed for leaders, particularly women, who are DONE with their long corporate careers and are itching to go out on their own, make a difference, and build a meaningful and lucrative service business monetizing their expertise, but don’t know how to start. It’s also appropriate for those who’ve already started consulting, coaching, and expert-based businesses but are struggling to reach levels that justify the leap.

Within the program, I’ll personally guide you along the path to transforming your expertise into a passionate and profitable consulting, coaching, or service-based business that easily makes money in 90 days. Without the fear. Without the frustration. Without feeling lost. So you can replace your salary and kiss corporate goodbye.

We’ll execute a perfect blend of strategy and soul to create an authentic business model that powers you to exciting new levels of income, so you can make a lot more money with a lot less effort and feel damn good about yourself in the process. To learn all about my program and apply for a life-changing spot, click the button below.


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